Day twelve – Ella

There are many differences between being a traveller and a tourist. Tourists go by the guide books, checking off each destination and the experiences they are expected to have there. Travellers, on the other hand, don’t feel an obligation to see something for the sake of it. Rather, the more important thing is to do … More Day twelve – Ella

Day eleven – Ella

I find that when travelling I really value my down time. After living in the same city for two years, participating in the daily routines that had become my life – going to work, coming home, cooking food, seeing friends, doing yoga classes, going out for dinner, spending time alone, doing the grocery shopping, and … More Day eleven – Ella

Day ten – Yala National Park safari (Tissamaharama) to Ella

I awoke this morning at the ungodly hour of 4:30 am. I wouldn’t have wrenched myself from the comfortable world of sleep had I not been embarking on a half day safari in Yala National Park. After waiting outside my hostel for a few minutes, an open-air safari car came along. I sat in the … More Day ten – Yala National Park safari (Tissamaharama) to Ella

Day six – Mirissa

It is raining. The sky, usually deep blue and endless, is a low grey ceiling. In the distance, peacocks cry out and dogs bark. I can hear rain falling on the leaves of the coconut tree, the bushes, the dirt ground inside the walls of the guesthouse. Darkness is falling swiftly. After a night of … More Day six – Mirissa

Day five – Mirissa

I came to Mirissa a few days ago, with no concept of what my time here would be. Having just arrived in Colombo from Melbourne, the city overwhelmed me. The tall half-finished sky scrapers, the wide empty streets, spoke to me of a city with no soul. But everywhere has soul, an underlying current of … More Day five – Mirissa

Day four – Mirissa

I woke up early this morning, with the fan whirring in my dark room. The outside world was silent except for birdcalls; the familiar noise of tuk tuks humming past and beeping hadn’t begun yet. I got dressed and walked the route to the beach, along the narrow road lined with modest houses, walls containing … More Day four – Mirissa