Millennials are re-inventing Melbourne’s drinking culture

Melbourne, a city known for laneway bars, comedy, live music, an abundance of cultures and cuisines, AFL, art galleries, beer gardens, botanical gardens and grungy nightclubs. These iconic ‘Melburnian things to do’ have one thing in common: they can all go drink-in-hand, and usually, they do. There is no denying that Melbourne is a city … More Millennials are re-inventing Melbourne’s drinking culture

Lentil As Anything Opens Arms to All Except Poverty

The eclectic, homely interior of the Thornbury Lentil As Anything. It’s like having a meal at a friend’s house. In return for a delicious vegan meal, you’ll repay them with whatever you can afford, whether that’s $10 or a few hours of your time. It doesn’t sound like a regular restaurant, and it’s not. It’s … More Lentil As Anything Opens Arms to All Except Poverty

Suburban garden

My garden in suburbia, you separate me from the impenetrable unliving playground of men. You are not of men. Your trees sway languidly in the fading light, creaking a grandfather’s well wishes for the night. Your grass grows boisterously unheeding to cement or chairs, phased not by memories of blades. Deliciously hopeful. Your shrubs and … More Suburban garden

Memories of Glasgow 1

I step through a curtain from light to darkness inside, everything is dimmed sounds are muffled light is dappled I walk on fallen leaves, perpetually moist. The pathway disappears underneath roots and dead branches. Through young trees flash glimpses of giant metal structures so sorely aware of their difference from the earth from alive things. … More Memories of Glasgow 1

11 P.M. yearnings

I have this continual urge to travel again (backpack boots hat map hope) to hot dusty places, a thousand potential strangers or friends. We all suckled on the collective loneliness, soothed by moving and moving always new, no attachment or regret. Now, I in my cold rain home three layers and solo candlelit nights writing, … More 11 P.M. yearnings

The storm

The storm began suddenly. Eager trees swayed at the shoulders skeletal but never menacing. Heavy grey sheet draped across the rooftops, trapping the wind as it raced through the streets obeying the solidity of buildings but leading branches and leaves in a primal dance. The rain joined in, carousing with a howl hips quivering and … More The storm