Day 19 – Kuddawa

The morning began with spicy coconut sambal, curry and roti. I’ve become accustomed to eating spicy food in the morning – a drastic change from my fruit smoothies at home – and now I love it. It gets the stomach working and clears you out. After a late night wander around the village the previous night, Ty and I had some idea of its layout. If not, Google maps was always there. We asked our forever hospitable host to book us a scooter, which came within an hour, and began to scoot around the village. The roads were either red dirt with many potholes (it had been raining for the past few days), cracked cement with potholes too, and the occasional stretch of smooth, flat road. I learnt a few lessons that day; firstly, always put on sunscreen. The sun in Sri Lanka is fierce, and after living in Melbourne for a few years, my skin had become sensitive. Second lesson: remember that not everywhere has ATMs. Especially not rural villages. Neither Ty nor I had thought of withdrawing money before we got to Kuddawa, and realised that we had to drive 30 minutes on the scooter to get to the nearest ATM. Third lesson: wear insect repellant at night. This speaks for itself.

After scooting to the top of the peninsula, which was a sand bar less than 30 metres wide and very windy (perfect for kite surfing), we had a swim in the ocean. Wearing no sunscreen, we both got burnt, but the water was lovely. Dinner at the guesthouse followed, and after we sang some songs with my ukulele and a guitar missing two strings. Early to bed (to get ravished by mosquitoes) because we had an adventure to embark on the next day; a trip to a very remote fishing island north-west of Kuddawa. Exciting times ahead.


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