On life, through Yin and Yang

The end is simultaneous with the beginning. One does not exist without the other. They can only live in symbiosis with each other, creating the other’s purpose. Yin and Yang.

Like how the defeat of one terrorist organisation only means the inception of a new one. Or how the people’s problems will be continuously fought for and yet there will always be another injustice waiting to have the media’s attention. Do you ever consider the experiences other people are having at this very moment, those you love and can imagine in a familiar chair reading or typing or laughing, or those who you will never know experiencing things you could never imagine?

The atrocity of a bomb falling from above, or the feeling of knowing you will never see your loved one’s face again? Do you ever wonder how you would be in that situation?

There are many justifications for the way life is. Some call it karma, fate, your journey, a lesson, one of many lives to come, a projection, a dream. Throughout all beliefs is a similar thread of thought, weaving through each expression of faith like a hemline. That your purpose in life is to be good. To do good, to yourself and the world and others. Unless you believe in utter chaos. Some versions turn being good into a threat, others celebrate our inherent good with songs and dance. But they’re all saying the same line.

We must have a way of testing our good, so our environment is scattered with varying levels of things that are not good and will challenge your goodness. A late tram or unfair treatment or poverty or the fate to be born into a war-torn country. The fate to live only into your childhood. The fate to lose someone or a country or a limb, or your self-worth, your confidence and positive body image and trust? How is this justified?

I used to believe in a god but now I’m not so sure. I believe in energies and harmonies that permeate everything and somehow create this serendipitous life. There is a higher purpose but our foggy minds can’t grasp that idea quite yet.

Outside and inside our minds it’s too chaotic. There are wildfires, tsunamis, floods, wars, genocides, discriminations, tragedies, mysteries, and there are sparks of emotion and thoughts, sadness and love and nostalgia, there are connections with others and the search for who I really am, what makes me who I am, and there is heart-stopping beauty and moments frozen in time and complete serenity, and there is the greed for money and the need of money, there is Instagram and child pornography and Kim Kardashian, there is a world full of people dropping their heads to stare at their phones and not noticing the world around them, and when they do notice it they post about it, there are also people constantly entering and leaving this planet, birth and death simultaneously coexisting with one another.

Yin and Yang.


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