Poem: You will cease

I can feel that penetrating chill

they have been warning

me of, I can see

it’s little tendrils creeping into

the leaves of the trees on my street,

turning them

orange yellow brown

and fluttering them to their

rotting untimely deaths.

Do they deserve this?

Who are you

to make that decision?

You melt into the sky

and paint it dark before its time

has come, do you think

it prefers to be light and luminescent?

You don’t stop to consider these things.

You are in the air,

penetrating my jumper

making my face numb

threatening me with a sly gleeful glance

and I know that

it will only get worse from now.

You frost windows,

grass, trees, roads,

lampposts, fences,

miniscule budding flowers striving to burst into the world,

lakes, puddles, my deckchairs

in the afternoon garden sunlight,

your sneaking ways are unseen

and nobody senses

your presence until you are

blackening the skies and magicing

raindrops into snowflakes.

But after months of dominion

your strength will fade

until you are a hazy memory

half-real in the

blessing sunlight

and your shivers will be transformed

into ecstatic



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