This body I am condemned to this hoard of fragile skin organs and bones aching and decaying cell after cell destined for the earth. I hurt from my feet up into my skull bunions wince as I walk teeth wearing white war paint jostle for position and break ranks lips bleed as I wake, virus … More Condemned

5 benefits of working in hospitality (yes, they do exist)

After one of those days when every customer seems to stare at your innards and judge your insecurities, when every coffee you make looks like the murky foaming water that swirls down the plug when you’re washing out brown hair dye, when every table you clear seems to be the promise of a half-decent future wiped away and thrown into dirty dishwater, I decided that it was time to focus on all the GOOD things about working in hospitality … More 5 benefits of working in hospitality (yes, they do exist)

The same sun

The sun warms my hands and cheeks and it saturates the grass with a greener hue, it saturates me with a deep vague memory of home. Four months I’ve been here, expanding and embracing more and more and more into my collection that now extends across the¬†world. Friends will¬†replace friends and a place will replace … More The same sun

Morning melancholia

I am melancholy, like the mist loitering outside. I think of you so often yet we barely have time to be. I will leave and you shall become an unmet dream, fading in the incandescence of new experiences and fresh lovers. The disregard of crumpled clothes on the bedroom floor that sigh of the past … More Morning melancholia

How to listen

I feel out of touch. Disconnected. Exempt from that flowing current of life wherein everything seems right. I don’t talk to the trees anymore, and they ignore me back. A two-way mistrust. But in my dreams I am one with the world, with nature and the elements and myself. I swim in an endless black … More How to listen

You will cease

I can feel that penetrating chill they have been warning me of, I can see it’s little tendrils creeping into the leaves of the trees on my street, turning them orange yellow brown and fluttering them to their rotting untimely deaths. Do they deserve this? Who are you to make that decision? You melt into … More You will cease