A dog in the city

Legs are all around me. Clacking high heels and work boots. Trousers and track pants and stockings and jeans, all scissoring their way toward me unseeingly. I am constantly moving around them, dodging feet. A man in a cap yells at an ATM, banging the wall beside it with his fist. Two tiny women, with … More A dog in the city

The train

How did I end up here? I signalled frantically to my boyfriend from inside the automatic doors as the train slid away from the station, hoping he would decipher my hand movements as “Stay here”. His red hair, a beacon above the business-suited Japanese people around him, disappeared in the distance as the train chugged … More The train

The answer to what people did before the Internet

I’ve had many conversations with friends following the general theme of “What did people do before the Internet?” How did people get around, how did they read the news, how did they get mail, how did they talk to their friends, how did they check their bank balance, how did they amuse themselves? There’s no … More The answer to what people did before the Internet

Worth it?

“It’s not worth it,” my housemate said.  “Not worth what?” I asked.  “Not worth trying to do work,” gesturing to my white blog page, absent of little black markings signifying my creativity and productivity.  I haven’t been writing many posts lately, mainly due to the multiple uni assignments I have due soon. I’m not sure … More Worth it?