Immortal words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez died today. While it saddens me to know that there is one less genius on this Earth, I had no connection with the person Gabriel Garcia Marquez was. I know his mind, his imagination and fears and way of thinking, but I do not know what he ate for breakfast and what his habits were. The relationship between the author and the reader is extremely unique. I have fallen in love with authors from reading their words, their thoughts. Readers are granted a deep spiritual connection with authors, who may influence their lives so profoundly that the readers change as people. Yet the reader is distanced from authors by sometimes infinite distances, in space or time. They never know each other as people. 

This doesn’t stop them becoming friends. The reader becomes familiar with the author’s habits, sense of humour, way of thinking. They develop a relationship not able to be created between two people, without the vessel of words between them. I believe there is nothing more powerful than the written word. Thoughts become garbled by language and personality when spoken aloud. But words…words are undying. 

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s words are immortal. His thoughts will continue to influence readers throughout the world, of different ethnicity and age and disposition until books become obsolete and the human race is doomed as an intelligent society. And as he taught me, death is just another part of living. But this part of him, his words, will never ever die. 


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