5 things that pleased me today

(In chronological order)

1. Waking up to find myself naked, and my pjyamas strewn a considerable distance across the room. 

This isn’t a usual occurrence for me, and while I normally remember my dreams vividly, I have absolutely no recollection of what I dreamed of last night…I did watch two episodes of Game of Thrones before going to sleep. This could be a clue to the puzzle. Nevertheless, I find it very amusing to picture my sleeping self ripping my clothes off (in anger? Passion?) and mumbling incoherently before dropping to the mattress again, happily naked.

2. Drinking coffee. 

Soy cappuccino, no sugar. Mmm, feel that buzz. (I can’t resist quoting “Feel that beebop burn” for those of you who are decent people and watch the Mighty Boosh) I can honestly say that I have always, always, felt at least 70% better mentally and physically after a coffee. Except for that time when I was designated driver and I had about five shots of coffee at 3am. I thought I was having a heart attack while my friends had passed out in the back seat and I drove the 40km trip home at about 50km/h, shaking like a washing machine the whole way. Not fun.

3. Having two consecutive chances to practice my citizen journalism. 

As a country bumpkin, I’m still in awe at many things this city presents to me. Business people, traffic, horse drawn carts, buildings more than two stories tall…and accidents. Today I witnessed an imaginary fire – two fire trucks screeched down the street to halt right next to my tram stop, but after the men ran around for a while like ants in the rain, they realised there was no fire to put out and all hopped back in their shiny trucks to wail away into the distance. Despite the lack of an actual event, I snapped a picture for Twitter, wrote an informative status (my journalism tutors would be proud of me) and sent it into cyberspace. Then, just down the very same tram track, a car had somehow skidded from the road and onto the tracks. I snapped another picture and wrote another saucy status. Although I have about 7 followers on Twitter, I feel that I have upheld my responsibility as a good samaritan and a budding journalist. Go me.

4. Having a fulfilling Skype sesh with my little brother and parents. 

When I say fulfilling, I mean that every now and then I forgot that I wasn’t actually in the room with my family, that I wasn’t 2000 kilometres South of my hilly homeland. I should probably send a letter to Skype congratulating them. It doesn’t seem to amaze people these days, but I am constantly flabbergasted at how fucking incredible it is that you can talk to and see someone anywhere in our vast Earthly realm – distance has become arbitrary. Well done, scientists or IT people or God.

5. Finding out that two of my fellow Northlings will be migrating South at some point in time. 

Why is it that we humans find nostalgia so comforting? I can’t answer that question with a better phrase than “Just because”. Because those things (photos, houses, people) were connected to the people we once were, but aren’t anymore. And since we’re such self-absorbed creatures, we like to keep track of our growth into the people we currently are (who will one day be no more than a scaly shadow of a skin we once wore). So therefore, dear reader who is probably lost by now, I am pleased that my two friends from school will be moving to Melbourne for the reasons above. Adieu.


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