Unconditional love

It’s a profound feeling when you realise that you love someone unconditionally. It’s frightening.  I arrived in my hometown this morning, and write this post from the bed of my childhood, in the house I was raised in. This room, house, town, will never become unfamiliar to me. Every morsel of physical matter has a … More Unconditional love

Shadows of ripples

On dewy grass above the sand dunes, shadows of pandanas leaves swayed to meet each other and part, like guests at a dinner party wandering through conversations. A withered man wearing a heavy coat stood in the space between the lips of the sea and the powdery sand. The water, begging to lick his knobbed … More Shadows of ripples

Damn Nabokov

I’m in a really difficult relationship at the moment. With a book called Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. We first met only two nights ago – I was lingering in an overpriced airport bookstore when I spotted the title: black letters beaming from that creamy block between two orange stripes – a Penguin book. It escalated from … More Damn Nabokov