At sunset

[Read this as six connecting or independent paragraphs] At this time of day, the shadows begin to grow. The sky loses its piercing blue and fades into a milky hue smudged with smog. In the distance, low hills line the horizon. Before them lie houses in the distance surrounded by seas of palm trees. And … More At sunset

Where do you belong?

‘Where do you come from?’ As a traveller, most conversations I have with strangers begin with this. My reflex answer is ‘Australia’, but recently I have felt that this answer isn’t adequate. Yes, I was born in Australia, but does that mean I belong there? To ‘come from’ and to ‘belong’ are different things, and … More Where do you belong?

Day twenty four to thirty – Hikkaduwa to Colombo airport

My last six days in Sri Lanka melded into a blur of eating cheap food, swimming in the ocean, lying in the sun, afternoon naps, drinking king coconuts, reading my Kindle, having philosophical conversations, and going to my new favourite cafe. Ty and I had spent the first half of our time travelling together on … More Day twenty four to thirty – Hikkaduwa to Colombo airport