On understanding, through connection

The ability to communicate is essential for connection. Without communication, it is difficult to recognise the other for what they are. Language comes in so many forms. Through talking, eye contact, gesturing, expression, meaning can be passed from being to being. Life comes in endless shapes, sizes, species, forms and it is nearly impossible to … More On understanding, through connection

On love, half-awake

It is in the haze of half-awakeness that I understand my feelings best, when my brain isn’t fast enough to destroy meaning in an attempt to understand. So now I write, still slow from an afternoon nap that extended into night skies and confusion. Do you ever find that in your dreams you discover the … More On love, half-awake

Liveable For Some: Melbourne’s Unending Homelessness Crisis

What does it mean to be homeless? Some people call the streets or the city their home, travellers carry home in their backpacks, some people say they have no home. The word homeless carries implications of exclusion, yet it does not convey the dead end people living on the streets face. With no fixed address, … More Liveable For Some: Melbourne’s Unending Homelessness Crisis

No more soap for me

My favourite philosopher, Alan Watts, has an interesting idea that humans are not born into the world, they are born from the world. We are not manifested out of thin air into our mothers’ wombs; we are grown in the same way apples grow out of apple trees. Following this line of thought is the concept of oneness, unity … More No more soap for me